Accessing and Using

Accessing and Using SERU Data

SERU gives us the opportunity to better understand student experiences at both institutional and department levels. Academic departments receive summaries of responses for students in their majors, and UI faculty and staff are invited to access SERU data for department use and for their own scholarly work. For information about gaining access to the SERU dataset, contact

SERU Reports and Papers
  • Sample Department Report on survey responses for one major
  • Institutional Reports on topics such as Climate for Diversity, First-Generation Student Experiences, Student Financial Concerns, and Civic Engagement of UI Undergraduates
  • Examples of Scholarly Publications and presentations by UI faculty, staff, and students
About the Survey
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Departments that want to encourage their students to take the survey can send email invitations directing students to

Departments are also welcome to post digital images with reminders to take the survey:​