How Do International Students Experience UI?

The number of international undergraduates at UI has greatly increased in recent years. International students were 1.7% of the entering class in 2007, just prior to this increase. In 2014, they were 12% of the entering class. International students now constitute more than 10% of our total undergraduate population.

In order to learn more about international student experiences at UI, we analyzed international student responses to the campus-wide SERU survey and compared them with responses of domestic students. Our goal was to identify:

  • What are the factors associated with international students’ satisfaction with academic life and sense of belonging at UI?
  • In what ways are international students’ perceptions of their undergraduate experience similar to and different from those of non-international students?
  • What are implications of these findings for teaching, learning, and student success on our campus?

Findings from SERU

In brief, international students responding to SERU reported levels of engagement and satisfaction with faculty very similar to those reported by U.S. students, but there was much more variability in international student reported perceptions of their learning and sense of belonging in the UI community. ...

To read more, open the pdf document: How Do International Students Experience UI?