SERU Briefs

What Students Told Us in 2018

We administered SERU to all degree-seeking undergraduates during Spring 2018. Nearly 20% of students responded, and the profile of respondents was broadly representative of the undergraduate population in terms of academic characteristics, college, race/ethnicity, and year of study.

These Briefs provide quick snapshots of student responses on just a few topics covered by SERU:


Digging Deeper

These Briefs offer responses to just a few SERU questions. Other sections of SERU address a wide range of topics, including:

  • satisfaction with academic and social experiences
  • perceptions of their own learning and development
  • future plans for work or further study
  • reported obstacles to success
  • reflections on their most meaningful learning experience at UI

To view the full set of survey items, visit About the Survey.

To view student responses to other SERU questions, or to explore responses by college, major, class level, or other demographic variables, contact