Students and Faculty

Knowing and Being Known

UI has a student:faculty ratio of 16:1, and 80% of classes have fewer than 30 students. However, with more than 21,000 undergraduates, and 5000+ classes offered during the academic year, it’s not impossible to imagine that some students might feel like they could get lost in the crowd.

We analyzed student responses to the campus-wide SERU survey in order to learn more about student perceptions of whether their instructors know them individually. We also looked at the effects of these perceptions on other student experiences and outcomes captured by the survey. Our goal was to identify:

  • To what extent do individual students feel they are known by their instructors at UI?
  • In what ways do student perceptions of being known by their instructors affect other aspects of their university experience?
  • What are implications of these findings for teaching, learning, and student success on our campus?
To read more, open the pdf document: Students and Faculty: Knowing and Being Known